For starters, the support and work we get from local companies is our bread and butter! When you purchase from a small family business you are helping to grow a dream.

When you use our services, it means so much more than a one off purchase - you aren't just another contact on a spreadsheet somewhere. You are important to us and I can guarantee, because of this we will ensure you we will do our best to achieve the highest standard each and every time.

As a family business WE WORK FOR MORE THAN A WAGE! We work for our reputations, meaning we are more conscientious, thorough and personal when dealing with your request. We aren't working to line the pockets of big company bosses or franchises. We are working for our homes and families... and there is no awkwardness in insisting that the young 'uns work their socks off!!

Because of the nature of 'family businesses' our staff are either relatives who have been in this since day dot or very carefully sourced from the local community. You can rest assured that they are skilled, have a fabulous work ethic and are generally pretty nice people!

So someone please tell me- why on earth WOULDN'T you choose a small business?!