Prochem PSK Professional Spotting Kit

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Professional Stain Remover Kit

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Prochem PSK, or Professional Spotting Kit, is a specialized set of tools and products designed for effective spot cleaning and stain removal on carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. While the specific contents may vary, a typical Professional Spotting Kit from Prochem might include: Spotting Agents: Citrus Gel: A citrus-based gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum, and other oily spots on carpets and fabrics. Stain Pro: A versatile stain remover for a wide range of stains, including ink, coffee, tea, wine, and more. Red Rx: Specifically formulated for removing red stains such as red wine, fruit juices, and sports drinks. Coffee Stain Remover: Designed to effectively tackle coffee and tea stains. Tools: Spotting Brush: A specialized brush for agitating and working spotting agents into the stained area. White Terry Towels or Spotting Cloths: Absorbent materials for blotting and cleaning the treated spots. Spray Bottles: For applying spotting agents in a controlled manner. Instructional Material: Spotting Guide or Manual: Detailed instructions on how to identify and treat various types of stains. Carrying Case: Durable Carrying Case: A convenient and organized case to store and transport the spotting kit. Usage Instructions: Identify the Stain: Use the spotting guide to identify the type of stain and choose the appropriate spotting agent. Apply Spotting Agent: Apply the selected spotting agent to the stained area according to the recommended instructions. Agitate: Use the spotting brush to agitate and work the spotting agent into the stain. Blot or Extract: Use the white terry towels or spotting cloths to blot and absorb the treated area, or use an extraction machine if applicable. Repeat if Necessary: For stubborn stains, repeat the process until the stain is sufficiently removed. Follow-Up Cleaning: After stain removal, follow up with a general cleaning process for the entire carpet or upholstery. Always follow safety guidelines, conduct compatibility tests, and adhere to recommended usage instructions. The Prochem PSK is a valuable tool for professional cleaners and technicians to address a variety of stains effectively.



Good service as always. Received the motor- (original type not some cheap imitation) Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Great Price.

Ray Dunkley | Google Review




Can’t give these guys enough praise!
Wrote my van off last year with a £20k Truck Mounted Unit fitted! Was absolutely devastated to say the least!

Went out and purchased a new van, called up Martin from A.I.S whom booked me in straight away. He personally took my unit from my old van then fitted in my new van within’ the day! Was back out working in the week Stress Free!

Bobby Scott | Google Review




Martin is very friendly and trustworthy guy who’s willing to help you out and give you an advice! I won’t hesitate to use his services again.

Ivan Georgovski | Google Review



Faultless as always! Products are unbelievable and service is first class. I'm in N.Ireland and the postage is always faster than expected.

Gary Allen | Google Review


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