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Chemspec Coffee Stain Remover

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Chemspec Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover is indeed a comprehensive solution for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Here's a summary of its features and directions for use: Features: Effective Browning Treatment: Developed through intensive laboratory research to address carpet and upholstery browning effectively. Coffee Stain Removal: Specifically formulated to tackle stubborn coffee and other tannin stains quickly and efficiently. Suitable for New and Old Stains: Works effectively on both new and old tannin spots and stains, modifying and reducing their color and intensity. Safe for Various Surfaces: Can be used on both upholstery and carpet surfaces. Increased Quantity: Now available in a larger 5L size for added convenience and efficiency. Directions for Browning Treatment: Pre-Testing: Always pre-test fabric or carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before use. Application: Apply Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover using a chemical sprayer, ensuring uniform coverage on the affected area. Do not mist. Brushing: Brush in the solution using a pile brush, particularly if using on carpet. Dwell Time: Allow the solution to work until browning is reduced or disappears. Extraction: Extract with a portable or truck-mounted vacuum system while simultaneously applying a fine spray of Chemspec Neutral Detergent. Helpful Hints: Any odor associated with the product dissipates rapidly. For immediate deodorization, add 2 ounces of Kill Odor Plus to each gallon of Browning Treatment. Directions for Coffee Stain Removal: Pre-Testing: Test on the fiber for colorfastness before use. Application: Apply Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover directly onto the stain using a clean white cloth or a sprayer for large areas. Dwell Time: Allow the solution to work until the stain is lightened or removed. Blotting: Blot (do not rub) the area with a clean, dry, white cloth to remove excess moisture. Follow-Up: Follow up with extraction cleaning using an alkaline detergent solution. Product Details: pH at Use: 3.5 - 4.5 Coverage: Up to 400 sq.ft/gallon Appearance: Clear Liquid Fragrance: Sulphite



Good service as always. Received the motor- (original type not some cheap imitation) Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Great Price.

Ray Dunkley | Google Review




Can’t give these guys enough praise!
Wrote my van off last year with a £20k Truck Mounted Unit fitted! Was absolutely devastated to say the least!

Went out and purchased a new van, called up Martin from A.I.S whom booked me in straight away. He personally took my unit from my old van then fitted in my new van within’ the day! Was back out working in the week Stress Free!

Bobby Scott | Google Review




Martin is very friendly and trustworthy guy who’s willing to help you out and give you an advice! I won’t hesitate to use his services again.

Ivan Georgovski | Google Review



Faultless as always! Products are unbelievable and service is first class. I'm in N.Ireland and the postage is always faster than expected.

Gary Allen | Google Review


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